Places to visit

Pacaya Volcano

Located at 50 kms away from Antigua Guatemala. Was declared a National Park in 2005.  This is one of the most popular trips in the city. This trip will take you to the crater, and on a lucky day will give you the opportunity to peek into its swirling pool of lava.
San Vicente, Antigua Guatemala

San José Cathedral

Construction started in 1542, and five naves and eighteen chapels were built. Multiple earthquakes in the following centuries so severely damaged the cathedral, that today only a reconstruction of its splendid facade remains.
Parque Central

La Merced Church

Our Lady of Mercy’s Church and Monastery is widely considered to be the most impressive church in Antigua with its striking  baroque style. Construction was started in 1548.
1ª Calle Poniente y 6ª Avenida Norte 

Colonial Art Museum

Was founded in 1676. Due to its beauty and size, the building was renovated in 1832 and converted into a public school. Since 1936, the building has housed the Colonial Art Museum, exhibiting 133 works of art.
5ª Calle Oriente